About Us

Celebrating our Sacred Connection to Mother Nature

Come and join our Sacred Pow Wows and make new friends and soul connections. The Sacred Space is one of sharing so you are invited to bring any songs, poems or prayers about our connection to Mother earth and Divine Great Spirit.

Bring along your instruments as well as drums, rattles and flutes and let us together raise healing energies for the good of all through the power of rhythmic drumming, chants, music and dance.

Our Sacred Space is one of Joy, with much laughter sharing with the talking stick and being in communication with the Elders of Light yet we set the intention to be conduits of profound healing through our Meditations that we are all connected in the sacred web of life and what we do to nature we do to ourselves.

The Drums are Sounding, the Fire is Burning, and YOU are invited into the Sacred Hoop to connect with the Council of 21 Native Indian Chiefs through the gift of their sacred songs empowering your Divine connection.

Come and join our growing Soul Community caring and sharing together in our endeavours to magnify Love and Light bringing in the changes needed to restore Peace and Harmony on Earth………