The Healing Power of the Divine Feminine

The Healing Power of the Divine Feminine

Sister I Invite You to…

To surrender into self-love allowing a blossoming of your fullest potential.

To rise, like a phoenix out of the ashes, into the most wondrous version of yourself.

To develop a deeply fulfilling relationship with yourself

To connect with your sacred femininity.

To transcend beyond the current perception you may have of your body.

To allow yourself the gift of discovering yourself as the magnificent Goddess you truly are.

To unlock your true potential and highest possibilities in this incarnation.

We are on the earth at a time of awakening consciousness, a time in which we are exploring ways to bring the Sacred Feminine to a more central focus in our lives, in order to stop the wars, bring compassion to all, and nurture love and respect for Mother Earth giver of all we need.

In this time we are needing to make great change. It is vital, if not critical, to explore the idea of women connecting with their deepest inner knowing and powerful creative energy to find their passion and transform the world.

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Gleaning Network

Gleaning Network

I feel so good! With only 25 volunteers, in Kent, we picked 7.5 tonnes (83,000 portions) of gorgeous Braeburn apples that were ‘too big’ for the supermarkets! It was a new record! Strangely enough, it was the frost on the top and bottom of the trees that made them grow above and beyond in the middle!

Most went to various charities and homes throughout the UK through the Feedback and Foodshare organisations and some came home with us! We are always allowed to take home as much as we can distribute too.

If you want to volunteer for any of our wonderful friendly gleans, you can sign up at:
Children are very welcome on some of the gleans but some are not suitable for children, especially those that need a knife. You can always check on the site.

We pick any fruit or veg that is going to waste but is still perfectly wholesome and good eating. That includes apples, pears, courgettes/marrows, squashes/pumpkins, cauliflowers and potatoes. No ‘Uglies’ are ever rejected! We usually give them a hat and googly eyes for a photo shoot first!
The farmers are sometimes there to give us a short talk about the reason for the glean and how to go about it but the Co-ordinators are very wise after so many gleans and are always on hand to help.
Volunteers turn up from far and wide as all hands are welcome!

We must all make sure in our own homes too that good food is never wasted for any reason!
See you in the fields!
In love and light