Hand-painted Birchwood Totem/Animal Spirit pendants

by Jane Stewart Adams
£15 + £3 p+p (Recorded Delivery/Signed For – as they are One-offs, no 2 are alike!)
Eagle, Bear, Turtle, Squirrel, Wolf or Hare on leather thronging.
I can do any Totem/Animal to order:

Sample of Handmade Leather Medicine Bag

by Jane Stewart Adams
I can paint any Totem/Spirit Animal to order: Bear, Buffalo, Eagle, Wolf, Snake, etc.
£30.00 plus £3.00 p+p (UK only)
Approx. 12cm at widest point by 14cm (4½ by 5½ inches) with leather thonging.

All the Native Indian inspired gifts I make are made with the greatest respect and love. I ask the Lakota Native Indian Spirits I channel to help me in their creation as part of the process.