Picking Up The Ducks

by Jane Stewart Adams




The Spiritual Awakening of an Everyday Medium

This is not an autobiography. I have only used events from my own life to illuminate the daily workings of the spiritual realms and to illustrate how we can all become ‘Born Again Humans’. I want the ‘Door of Heaven’ to be flung wide so nobody will be afraid of where they are going at the end of this life, Home.

This is a book about Love.

We are Powerful Eternal Beings of Light, loved beyond measure.

Love is all that matters. There is no power greater than Love. Everything runs on Love. It’s The Fuel of The Universe, the power that makes everything work. Just as there is no name for God, there is no word that adequately describes this awesome power. You have never experienced real Love until you have felt it from other realms.

You are not on Cloud Nine, more like Ninety-nine! You feel one with everything, a vibrant oxygen-rich corpuscle being pumped through the body of The Universe! Why wouldn’t we all want to feel like this?

Before we leave this dimension our contribution to this life is important. We need to know who we really are. Don’t wait as I did for half your life to zip by before you realise that you can do something to unlock your hidden power to help others. Even if all you can do is send a blessing, everything good helps. If spiritual people are serious about changing our planet, we need as many Lightworkers as we can possibly muster. Please join the club!