The Best of Theresa Matthew Whitebuffalowoman

by Theresa Whitebuffalowoman




The success over the many years of Theresa Matthew’s remarkable collection of songs and music has now been turned into a single CD the best of Theresa Matthew White Buffalo Woman.
It contains a variety both of Native Indian, Devotional, Celtic, Spiritual Folk and more sacred songs. This powerful album is a good example of the extent of the 12 CDs that have made Theresa Matthew popular and is one of the best ways to fully appreciate this wonderful music library.


  • Release Date: 2017
  • Copyright: ℗ 2017 Theresa Matthew
  • Total Length: 54:26

Track List

  1. my message is peace 5.06
  2. we dance together 4.21
  3. Dance in your love 5.33
  4. I am White Buffalo woman 8.03
  5. Heyo heya 2.00
  6. I carry the chalice 3.01
  7. oweya waaheya 4.53
  8. the 4 winds blow 3.34
  9. and The Silence is beautiful 4.03
  10. heyoweyio weyyio 2.09
  11. White Buffalo 4.16
  12. it is time we can gather 3.08
  13. follow follow me 3.39