Theresa Matthew

I am a Singer/Composer/Musician and Teacher of many years experience who has explored the numerous dimensions within the Spirit Realm. I have come to Knowledge through being able to sit with many Ancient Spirits including wise Native Indian Chiefs who have given me many Sacred Songs I use in my work.
The Power of the Spirit is something I desire to share with anyone who truly is searching for their path. This would not be a place for spiritual entertainment but the need to see ourselves as projecting sacred energy not for our own benefit but for the benefit of all mankind.

From the very moment of my birth I was very much aware of the constant connection with Spirit Beings who were directing me to what would become my life purpose.

As I grew into adulthood I found it easy to make connection with many Teachers whose wisdom has endowed me not only to be a Teacher but also to explore the mystical realms of that dimension behind the veil of the material world.

Sitting in the company of many Native Indian Chiefs, I was endowed with the ability to write down the Ancient Songs and in my mind to sense the Music which would give them life. This amazing ability I hold very humbly as I am aware it is not my own prestige but gifted to give others the key to their own sacred journey.

During my communications with the many Chiefs I was aware that I had in previous incarnations sat with them in a physical body. In these times I was one of the branches of The Whitebuffalowoman Energy and in this lifetime I have been given again that Title and Authority to conduct my work.

For over 30 years I have given my life and time in Teaching these Secrets of the Universe and have come to this moment when I am given a much Higher Knowledge to help those who wish to walk a similar path. Over that 30 years, I have met many who were also seekers and I am gratified to see a network of people who are also opening the door at this time when the Earth itself is so filled with darkness and despair. I know that my purpose is to help remove this darkness and I continue to make in my Gatherings the prime purpose of Spiritual Awareness and Evolution to a High and most important World Saving Movement of Light.

The challenge today is not simply knowing The Mysteries but presenting them in such a way that they can become of great benefit to all mankind and this will be my purpose as long as I have breath and the power to conduct what is becoming very powerful Sacred Gatherings as I connect with the many Native Indian Chiefs and Braves who are anxious to make their communication to us.